A Week of Drunks, Poop, and Miracles

Well as you can see this week has been cray.

First off. I want pics of my nieces and nephews, cough cough, everyone besides Andy, cuz she sends me everyweek.


Monday- we were in the market talking to our investagtor and this drunk lady comes up to us and wants to know more about God and how to be saved…soo we teach her. but shes just so drunk haha. So theres that.

Tuesday- So we are searching for Pedro. We have been looking for this dang dude for like 5 days now and we end up in this sketchy part of town. We are asking for directions when this dude comes up and is like, Girls! Beautiful beautiful girls! What are you doing in this part of town. Oh this is all in English btw. And we are like oh we are missionarys, and give him the spiel. and he was like ohhhh yeahhhh ohhh yeahhh. I know about you. I love God. Im a drunk, im drunk right now. But Digame about God! So i whip out a folleto and try to teach him about Jose Smith, in Spanish, pero my spanish is muy mal and he was like just do it in English haha. So we are talking to him and then he starts to say how his brother was Mormon but hes gay and I dont wanna offend your people but i know you dont accept him. So that led to a whole other subjuct. Also im pretty sure i saw a gun under his shirt tucked into his jeans. Then Hermana Koegler was like, so why do you know so much English. and tells us how he lived in the US for 30 years but got kicked out and went on and on, then got heated and took his glasses off. Yup. Straight up tear drop. So judging by that i assume he is a convict. Anyway we talked a little more about God and then he said well i gotta get back to my corner with the guys but you girls really shouldnt be in this part of town. If you ever need help let me know, My name is Victor by the way. So I say, So you got our back Victor? He says OF COURSE Hermanas! Yup, dats right. I make friends with convicts. Hey he kepted the folleto though.

Wednesday- rough day. almost all our appointments fell through. it was just a weird day. no one was progressing.

Thursday- After a weird day this was a GREAT day. We met a reference named i will call her Mary. OMG A MIRACLE ENSERIO. She is SO beautiful and her 2 daughters too. We brought Hermana Dalia, our favorite member of the barrio, to come and it was so good. The weird thing was, earlier i was like oh we should have Dalia come with us. Little did i know that was the spirit talking. She agreed to get baptized and she came to womens conference and church all by herself! She has basically nothing cuz i think shes going through a divorce and she is so humbled. Her friend David is the one that influenced her to come to church, so i secretly hope they are more than just friends and get married and sealed! How awesome would that be!

Friday- I tried giving a blind man a folleto, i really need to work on this spanish thing. Also we were walking and these 2 teens helped us find a house we were looking for and then they followed us and were like, can we take a picture with you! haha. it was so cute. My blue eyes and blonde hair just draws em him

Saturday- We met with a menos activo, Juan Carlos who is 17. I just love teens cuz i feel like I can really connect with them through my broken spanish. Womens conference. So good. In spanish at least.

Sunday- My talk. LOL at that. Tough crowd man. Whenever i looked up, not a soul smiling. But hey, its over and done. and the bishop probz wont ask us again.

Also, i pood yellow. and then had to flush with a bucket. But i dont really have the technique down yet. So i got my yellow poo all over my feet. Thats the moment i decided i loved Mexico.

Enserio though this is the greatest. Even the hardest days are the best days. I just try to stay positive and find reasons of WHY im here at this time. I know i am where i need to be, even though i have my thoughts of man i wish i was back living with Chandler and Jaclyn and could be dating someone. But its all in the Lords timing. Everything.

I dont have time for pics. But next week i will. Lo siento. The comps are ancient.

Con amor,

Hermana Corriveau


2 thoughts on “A Week of Drunks, Poop, and Miracles

    • Thats awesome. it sounds like she really loves being her companion. I think she is nervous for the time one of them gets transferred and she will get a native companion. . then she will really have to speak spanish:) also i am going to be better about looking at these comments! for the longest time i didnt even know they were on here!

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