Well Mexico is everything that you imagine it to be. CRAZY.

Busses are literally white rape vans. And as many people that can pile in at a time and there is music blaring. Its cray.

People are yelling BOLLIIOOOO ( bread) and selling stuff everywhere you go. But i LOVE IT. People are seriously so humble its insane. They have nothing and give everything.

I am still trying to get to know all the people but i love all of them. Seriously. One lady ( i wont use real names) Mary is seriously my favorite. She speaks ingles! She used to live in the states but there visas had something wierd happen to they got kickd out basically.

She totally opened up to us the other day and said that we were sent to her for a reason, yes! yes! She told us how she prayed once and what she prayed for was answered. There were tears for dayz in that lesson. All around. I really want her to get baptized but con tiempo. con tiempo.

Yeah so my spanish is basically sqaut. Ha. I sit and smile alot. I take Chatterleys advice and Just Keep Smiling! I can bear my testimony but i cannot understand them cuz they talk SO FAST. Con tiempo. Enserio.

They food surprisngly hasnt gotten me sick. Guys im gonna be huge. Literally. And that pic that the Kuschs sent. Ew i swear im not that big yet. Bad angle or something. But enserio eating is like a sport here. I almost want to get sick.

Uhm. I had to bear my testimony on sunday so that was fun. They probz didnt understand a thing i said but yolo. Thought that counts right. I also have to give a talk next week too. Please i just need the gift of tongues!

My comp is literally LO MEJOR. I knew it was meant to be when we both had wolf shirts. Its nice we can talk in english so that we can have personal convos but we should probz try to talk more espanol i guess…..

The bishop is literally a Mexican dad. so thats funny too. haha.

You wouldnt believe how many times i day i get OJOS AZUL!?!?! They are so amazed haha.

Seriously though i have been humbled and blesssed. These people have nothing. and yet give everything. They are so kind to everyone. I could really learn alot from them. I really hope the people we have with baptisimal dates gt baptized! I aked 2 people, 1 of which agreed! yay!

Lo siento i cant figure out pics…. maybe next time.

My addresss:

Sister Cassie Corriveau

Mexico Cuernavaca Mission

Avenida Palmira #35

Colonia Palmira

62490 Cuernavaca, Morelos


Put that on my facebook please people have been askin for it. It goes to the mission office first though. So it will take a while before i get it

There is one family here that i absolutely love. They are hilarious and so loving and try to help me with my espanol.

The children here, omg. I cant even. So cute.

We had to clean the church on saturday and that was an advenuture. Lets just say toilets arent the same as they are in the US. and people dont throw their toilet paper in the toilet…..

I had a little breakdown the other day. Not bad. But just shed a few tears cuz i was sad about missing out on stuff and all my friends wedding. But hey, esta bien. Im doing the right thing here. I know that. I know that this gospel can change lives. It sure has changed mine.

Herm Keg helped me through it. Seriously i dont know how i lucked out on having here we are literally the sme person and its awesome.

Im so grateful for this opportunity. It is lo mejor! Be your best at all times. You guys are the greatest. Keep up the great work. Keep missionaries in your prayers.

I cant figure out pics…..

Love you all!

IMG_1792 IMG_1802


2 thoughts on “Mexicoooo.

    • Yes! I also found it so funny that not only do they both own wolf shirts, but both HAVE it on their mission!!! Cassie seems to be loving it there.. So glad your daughter is her trainer:)

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