Ultima Semana a el CCM!

HOLY COW. My last week. Also. Sorry i forgot my camera AGAIN haha. Ill try to leave time and send some later. Okay SO. This week has been SO GREAT!


So Thursday we taught Hermano Chatterly as Miguel/Megan and in the middle of the lesson he broke the news to us we have to be transfered and to tell our last words to Megan. That was the most sincere testimony i have ever born, and in SPANISH. It was amazing and the spirit was so strong. Again. Hermano Chatterly is the best.


After the lesson he called me back in and he said, “Hermana Corriveau, no matter how hard you mission gets, everyday, Smile. Just keeping smiling. Like Dory haha. Because your smile is contagious” Again. Hermano Chatterly is the best<3


On Friday we got our travel plans!!!!! GOING TO MEXICO ON MONDAY HOLY MOLY MUY ANIMADA!!!!!!!!!! Also at the same time we got our Traveling Falda! Thanks Andy! It was seriously the best 5 minutes of our lives and we all jumped around and screamed like little girls haha. We leave Monday at 8 in the morning from salt lake which means we have to leave the MTC at 5. Rough.


Saturday we taught Hermano Chatterly as himself, Seth Chatterly. College student. 22. Normal guy. We taught him the last chapter in John where Jesus says to feed his sheep. What does that mean to you? We really emphasized to talk to everyone. Dont judge. Have the eyes of children and LOVE everyone. It was a great lesson.


I had a rubio momento and Chatt told us to look up the meaning of quiet dignity. Im sitting on the computer researching and cant find anything. I was like guys i dont get it why cant i find anything on quiet dilligence? That all bust up and are like its cuz its quiet DIGNITY haha. its was really funny.


We watched the end of the Joseph Smith movie on sunday before church and man it never gets old. I love Joseph Smith. We also watched an Esther one and that was cool too cuz i forgot about Esther, but shes the bomb!


I have to put this in here cuz i think its hilarious but Hermana Peterson went a week without showering haha. She went 4 so we made her go 3 more. She didnt even look or smell bad! Yes we are that gross.


Remember how i said we love Come Thou Fount? In the middle of our class Hermano Chatterly stops up and has us sing it. So great:) It brings the spirit everytime.


So Sunday. I was called to be a sister training leader. Yes. for only a week. Im not sure why. I dont know. I think its more for me than for the girls. To remind ME to be my best and to be obedient at all times. Its been cool though and i have been watching how i act and treat others.


Our Elders left for Argentina on Sunday night:( It was THE SADDEST SUNDAY. We truly grew to love each and everyone of them. They were all my hermanitos! Elder Guy was crying when we sang them our song and it was just so sad. WHY CANT WE HUG! I wish them the best. Shout out to all of them!


We ran into Neilli on campus and we taught her again! It was super good! She is the best and makes me really excited for Mexico.


Read 3 Nephi 11. We had a discussion about it and its seriously the best chapter.


So funny story. Guys i seriously have a problem.


Soo. My comps mom sent her mustaches. So we are in class and our teacher is writing on the board. and hermana Tidwell says, “Hermana Chatterly, I mustache you a question” He turns around and we ALL have mustaches on. At first he only saw Tid and Naut and he looked kind of mad then turns around and his face is just in all cuz we ALL have them on then he says with the happiest voice, “thats the BEST thing that ever happened to me!” hhaha. Well in the midst of all this i secretly peed my pants! Yes, in the classroom. LUCKILY my skirt was black haha omg i have terrible bowel problems and bladder problems but it was totally worth it.


We had a good Devo the other night- Love with your heart, not your head. Seriously though. LOVE EVERYONE. Love is the most important principle i think. Because without love. You cant do other things. Im trying my hardest to treat everyone like theyre my best friend, As Bro Liston says i do. I know that if i do that, people will want to learn more.


We had a deep discussion about faith and some other deep doctrine. I dont really like thinking deep cuz im not good at it and i just like to think simple. But at the same time its cool becuase i think sometimes you have to question things to get a full understanding. Gospel is true!




Hermana Platt was literally resurrected on Sunday. She got a priesthood blessing from Davidson on Saturday and SUnday she was back to her old self. THAT IS GOD. NOT COINCIDENCE! I stayed with the Dream Team since we already had lessons planned but im so glad shes good and gets to go to Mexico. Seriously. Thats a miracle.


We had our last lesson with Hermana Pullan and it was pretty sad:( But she is great. All the teachers here are great. I hope that i can be one after the mish! But for now. I gotta focus on teaching those people of CUERNAVACA!


Shout out to my best friends Abby and Haylen on their upcoming Birthdays! Party!


I LOVE my district and this opportunity. I love everything about life. I know that Heavenly Father lvoes me and EVERYONE in el mundo, Thank you for everyone who supports me. I couldnt ask for better friends or family. Live each day to the fullest and make the best of it no matter how bad it is. LOVE everyone. Love with your heart. Remember the Atonement and all that it does. The next time you hear from me ill be in MEXICO! AHHHHH!


Hermana Corriveau

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