Hola del Mexico!

Well i made it to Mexico! Holy moly. Am i dreaming? The plane ride was good, a little bumpy pero esta bien. My trainer is not from the United States….

SHES FROM CANADA! Thank goodness! All the other girls have native companions, not sure how i lucked out on that one. She is seriously so awesome and we are soooo much alike. I feel like we are actually friends and not just companions.

President and Sister Kushe are seriously the bomb diggity and are like my second parents! Ah they are great. We stayed at the mission office on Monday with almost everyone and Tid Naut Platt and I bunked together for one last time. it is SO HOT pero me encanta.

We had meetings all day yesterday so i didnt really get to actually SEE Mexico until today. ITS BEAUTIFUL. My area is called Chimpancingo, not sure on that spelling. Its 2 and a half hours away from Cuernavaca and HOTTTTT. But i love it so far. My zone is really nice and guess what. HERMANA JOHNSON IS IN MY DISTRICT. what a tender mercy. We have literally been together since the very beginning. ( She was the one i met at the temple) So its nice to see a familiar face.

I was SO sad to leave my girls. Seriously. the worst. i will pray for them everyday and i know they will be bomb.

Well i guess i can recap on the last part of the MTC. We had infield orientation on Friday to prepare us for the field. And guess who is one of the people leading it. A guy i met on Tinder. Yes, embarassing haha. Pero we were just kind of chill friends, Bryce if you are reading this, yes it was JC. Small world. But it was really good and it showed us how to not be so awkward.

Saturday was the best slash saddest day ever. Our last lesson with hermano chatterley! I seriously miss him so much. We talked to us about his mission in Paraguay and then becasuse Hermana Pullan wasnt there to teach us and we had a sub he came back for the last bit and had a testimony meeting. He loves us. It was the best testimony ever and i really felt like i bore a decent testimony in espanol, through a bunch of tears of course. He had us sing our song, Come Thou Fount and i totes saw tears in his eyes. Hermana Ashby came in and bore her testimony to us and it was soooooooooo powerful. I miss the MTC!

Well i dont want to take a lot of time and i will probably have some crazy stories on Monday for you. Thanks for everything. Im alive and well. I love you all. I will send pictures on Monday.

Les Amo!

Herm  Corriveau



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