Week 4 at the MTC

Ive been here for a month….whatttttt!?!?!?!?!?!? BEST MONTH EVER!

Ill apologize in advance. I dont have my camera today to send pictures again. Lo Siento.

So i guess ill start with last Thursday.

We did sealings at the temple and that was WAY cool.

We taught Miguel again, who is our teacher, and wow. So. Before i was a little upset about something and i just wasnt myself. During the lesson i was teaching about the Lords timing and it just hit me. CASS, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. STOP WORRYING ABOUT MARRIAGE and other things. IT WILL COME.

So then after the lesson my teacher held me back and was like i just feel prompted to tell you that your father loves you and is SOOOO proud of you. At first i was like yeah i know my dad loves me. Then i was like Oh, he means HEAVENLY FATHER. and then he continued to say, I KNOW you are supposed to be here. You are a great missionary, never forget that. It was seriously EXACTLY what i needed to hear. Again, no COINCIDENCES! Chatterly is the greatest.

So my sickly comp has MONO! So. she just sleeps all day and now im a trio. Equipo Sueno! Dream Team! We kill it. We work SO well together. Everything happens for a reason. We taught Chatterly again on Saturday and omg. it was soooo good. We taught about the prodigal son. Okay i guess i shold back track. Miguel is actually Megan, Chatterlys 15 year old sister. I think i might have told you that before. So it just feels more real teaching to him and like we have a purpose. So we taught about that and that Heavenly Father loves us NO MATTER WHAT we have done. When we taught that lesson and he said, “Oh, Yo Entiendo Ahora.” THATS WHAT MISSIONARY WORK IS ALL ABOUT! Bringing people to come to Christ. I cant wait til i can see the change in peoples eyes in Mexico and help people to feel the love and happiness i feel from the gospel. I pray for Megan everyday, i dont even know her, but i know how it was to be 15 and not know what was true and what wasnt. I ask you all to keep her in your prayers too.

On Saturday instead of doing our personal and comp study we had a 2 hour discussion with our district about just life and the gospel. I LOVE those moments. Because we all have the same standards and its really cool to just be able to talk about the gospel in a casual and spiritual manner. I cant express to you how much i LOVE MY DISTRICT!

My district LOVES the song Come Now Fount. I may have already told you this. But anywat we asked to sing it to Chatterly and he was like ok but only one verse because its in english. We sand the 1st verse and he said keep going. It was AWESOME! That song is seriously so uplifiting. We sang all three verses. Later when Chatterlys Boss, Bro. Toone came in we asked to sing it to him too and he was like ok onlny one verse. and what do you know. He told us to keep singing haha. Music really brings the spirit. Go listen to that song and really ponder the words.

Just yesterday CHatterly read us a snippet from his journal about his thoughts from that song. He said that looked around as we sang it and could see the love for Christ in our eyes and we sang and it really helped HIM to come closer to Christ. I cant express to you how much i really appreciate Hermano Chatterly. He is such a spiritual giant.

Another teacher, Sister Young has been helping a little with our classes and she has helped me alot. She is seriously so cute. I want to be her one day.

Sister Pullan has been telling me from day 1 im bad at eye contact in lessons. Idk if you have ever noticed, but im actually just really bad at eye contact in general. So i have been working on that and in our last lesson she told me i was doing a WHOLE lot better. Looking people in the eyes can really have a more personal level and help people to understand.

So an Elder in our Zone got RE ASSIGNED! Crazy right! He was going to Argentina but his visa got DENIED! So now he is going to the Dominican Republic. I think he was a little bummed but i told him, you know Heavenly Father has a plan for everyone. He KNEW you were going to get a misdemeanor after you got your call. But if you wouldnt have gotten called to Argentina, you wouldnt be in this district or zone and i know you have grown as a perosn but being here with us. So i think he is accepting it and knows that it is where he is supposed to be.

Hermana Tidwell. Tid. I cant express to you how much i LOVE HER! She of course went to VEGAS for her visa stuff and didnt get home til 2 am on Saturday so she was super loopy and it was SO funny. On sunday she was still not caught up and we were all talking about these cute elders we met at the Devo,  i know real professional, I found another cute Elder going to Australia, i couldnt resisit. PERO anyway. We were talking about it and stuff and she just says, Okay guys can we just appreciate that RANDY IS MARRIED!” We all lost it. Randy. The bus driver. from last week when i peed my pants. Shes insane. but so good now. Shes in my trio too and omg man. She is such an amazing person inside and out.

This week since monday is kinda a blur cuz i forgot to write notes of what to email yall. Im sad i forgot my camera. Sorry guys.

TRC was over Skype so that was weird but esta bien. Oh we are teaching a gold tag person and its going really good. I think shes actually an actual investigator. Which is really cool. Dream Team! Killin it! We got constructive criticism cuz our last lesson wasnt so hot so im looking forward to Friday to do better. I need to remember to just teach by the spirit. ALWAYS! Thats what helps people to come closer to christ.

Yesterday we had a really good discusiion about that in Pullan AND Chatterlys class so i guess i should start doing that haha.

We asked Luisa to be baptized! ( its just Hermana Pullan but still) it was cool because i am always so scared to ask people cuz it seems weird. PERO we talked about that alot this week too. DONT BE SCARED! The Lord is preparing people before we meet them. They know that if they find these things to be true, they will WANT to be baptized.

I have 2 things for you guys:

-Before I get home. i want you guys to all try to share the gospel  with someone. Give out a BOM. Anyone. A co worker, a friend, a hobo, a person in the grocery store. What is is going to hurt? You never know WHO could want to change their live and come closer to christ.

-My other thing is to pray for someone that you usually wouldnt. I have been praying for someone kind of random but i think he needs it. Just remember that.

I love you! I leave in 11 days! Crazy beans!

Te Amo!

Embrazos y Besos!

Herm. Corriveau

oh ps. Fast testimony meeting was really cool. I was the first one to go, in espanol. dats right. but really. it really cool. Seriously everyone in my zone is great:)


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