Week 3 at the MTC

Another great week! I actually havent gotten frustrated at all this whole week. Yay! Its been great. We got new elders in our district so we have moved up to District 13, in a couple weeks we will be the Capital ( Hunger Games reference)

Lets see. Its so hard to remember what I do. The Zone leaders in my district have really come to love us haha. They made time to come do a session with us on Thursday which was cool.

We played bball with them on Friday and omg i have never laughed so hard in my life. It was so fun and they are all so funny. I truly love everyone in my zone and district.

We taught our teacher as he acted as an investagator and it was really cool. The person he is pretending to be is his sister but hes obvi modified to a guy, and she is 15 and inactive. So it makes it really cool that its more real. I truly pray for her everyday.

We had a thing called “Coaching” were our teacher just talks to us one on one. He told me thanks for my personality because the zone needs it haha. I just am always pretty chill and in a good mood so it lightens the mood. That was quite the compliment though. He also said I talk to everyone like their my best friend and that will benefit me alot in the mission. Also i have a story about that coming up so just wait.

We had a No Habla Ingles Dia on Monday. It was rough and we didnt make it the whole day haha. PERO it was because ANOTHER girl got a concussion! Volleyball will be the death of us! Anyway we had a roca de verguenza ( rock of shame) you had to carry around if yuo spoke english so it was pretty funny. Yes, I got the rock. PERO me and Herm. Naut did a freaking awesome rendition of Spanish Pitch Perfect. So Theres that.

Sunday was good. and hilarious as well haha. Tid (Herm. TIdwell) is the funniest person I have ever met in my life. She made friends with the bus driver Randy and at Devo continued to draw him a hilarious picture. idk guess you had to be there. Anwway. After Devo and the movie, which was Joseph Smith which i have beeen saying all week i wanted to watch!, we were a little late for the bus and there was only one left, the white one, with Randy haha. Tid was like RANDY! YOU CAME BACK FOR US! and i lost it. and PEED MY PANTS! or skirt i guess! omg it was so bad but sooooo freaking funny! HAHA.

So teaching Luisa is getting better and my spanish is getting better as well. We met a “gold tag” guy, which are just people that walk around campus who may or may not be members and it went okay. He is a little twerp. But its good practive. We made an appointment with another one named Alexander as well. Go missionaries! I do know that Daniel did feel the spirit though when i was teaching him cuz i could see tears in his eyes. I love sharing the gospel! :))))

Okay running short on time! Lo Siento. Lets see…. So the Zone Leadres gave 3 girls in our district blessings which is good practice for them and an awesome expereience to see. They are the greatest!

So this leads to the last thing i will be able to talk about to due to time. I made a little field trip to the ER with my companion. I know I cant take her anyway right? She had some crazy virus so pray I wont get sick! ANYWAY as i was making friends with Dave with gages a pony tail and tats, an old lady, a mom, another old guy, guess who walks out…

CONNOR! The Canadian Im friends with at BYU! I was like WTH!!!! We got a picture but i didnt have my camera so it was on his phone. I need to email him to get it. Small world Provo for ya. I was fate haha. It made sitting int here for 3 horus that much better. He had the flu so he wasnt all the exciting, PERO, he was happy to see me.

Okay so that pretty much sums up the weeek. The sun has been out its been so nice. I havent cried any tears of frustration. Its been great! I love this gospel and cant wait to go to Mexico and share it with the people down there. Take time out of your day to share a short message with others, whether it is by service or on social media or something big. It doesnt take much to influence the lives of others.

I love you all!

Te amo!


-Herm Corriveau



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