Week 2 at the MTC

Well this week was a roller coaster of emotions.


I forgot to tell you Thursday that our bus driver that drove us up to Main Campus served a mission in the St Louis mission and served in Pittsfield! haha. He had some crazy stories, not surprising. He knew some of the people I knew from there.


Well Friday we had this amazing lesson. Hermano Chatterly and another teacher showed us an example of how to teach and then we had to do it, in english thankfully haha. But honestly i think its harder cuz its more pressure to do it right. So I was doing it and he stopped me and was like you should never summarize the first vision. and i just lost it. not because i was offended but because I knew he was right. Earlier that day i was like okay, what the heck am i doing. Im literally going to knock on doors, give people pamphlets, and teach them about God, we are like Jevovah Witnesses. But then after that lesson i was just overcome by the spirit that i KNEW that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus in the grove and I KNEW he restored the gospel to its fullness. I told Hermano Chatterly what I was feeling and how i felt and how I felt now and i was balling and he was like Hermana Corriveau, its FINE. We all have these spiritual experiences, why would I be mad if you are having this? I just hate crying in front of people. But he is seriously so nice. We are truly blessed to have him as a teacher.


Oh so PLOT TWIST. Andrea our investagator is our other teacher! Ha. Embarassing but actually kind of nice so we know what to do to fix our mistakes. She is so nice and beautiful too. To top the story of shes from Utah haha. We thought she was Mexican.


We had subs all weekend because it was a long weekend so our teachers were partying in St George. I would be if I was at school. We had this one sub who gave a really good lesson about how even if we dont speak great spanish, we have the light of Christ in our eyes and people see that. Thats why elders love us so much and dont wanna talk to us cuz they know they will  flirt haha. But really, as long as we try our hardest and teach by the spirit, people will see that and be blessed.


Sunday Elder Holland and his son spoke at the devotional and it was SUPER good. It was about Joseph Smith’s story mostly. Its cool how everything in his life happened for a reason and God really did prepare him to restore this gospel. That Sunday while most of our district went to choir, I stayed back with Herm. Naut and Herm. Lakin. We dont sing haha. And we had a really nice talk. I really needed it and it’s nice to know i’m not the only one who struggled or did struggle in the past. Everyone has trials but through the Atonement, we can be saved and feel comfort.


Andy, I found my rings! They were in a random bag I didnt think they would be in. Ps thanks for the Valentine, I loved it! Tell the boys they are my favorite goink goinks!:) I would love if you guys could send me hard copies of pictures while im still at the MTC so i could have pics of ALL my nieces and nephews and family to show everyone so you dont have to send it to Mexico. Gracias!


So Monday we had TRC and no one told us so we literally almost freaked out. As I said, “Yo perdio my chido” ( I lost my cool). We had to teach actual members, in spanish, and the first group was a group of two college aged girls who made fun of our spanish and it really hurt my feelings and make me upset. For lack of a better word i was, “P.O’d” I was like thats it, Im outta here. Im running to Old Academy right now haha. But then the next lady was SO NICE! Literally an angel on earth. She was about 60-70s and taught us more than we taught her. She taught exactly what I needed to hear. After the lesson I just started balling. And gave her a grande braso and she was like hunny i know its hard but you can do it. After words she wrote me and my comp a note and she literally made my week. I love that lady. Sister Applegate. I hope i meet her again in this life or the next. I know im supposed to be here even if it is hard. I know im missing out on a lot at school, but in the long run it doesnt matter. I have met people here, felt things here, and learned so many things that Im NOT missing out cuz im making my own memories.


Me amo la mission! Es dificul PERO es mucho rewarding. Pray for me. Help me to not get discouraged. Most of the time Im in a good mood PERO sometimes I wanna just crawl in a hole haha. Love you all!


Ambrazos y Besos!


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