Holy Moly! What a crazy week! Well where do i even start? Our Pday is Thursday so we had to go a whole week and a day before we could email. Ill try to remember everything.


So my district is ALL GIRLS! 8 Hermanas! Its SO fun though. Like a more professional girls camp. I love ALL of them. Hermana Naut and Hermana Lakin are seriously crazy and outgoing like me so sometimes we get a little loud haha. We are ALL talkative though so its a good time. I honestly get along with all of them which is crazy being with 7 girls all day long.


Andrea, the girl at the Temple before we went to the MTC IS in my zone. Small world.


My companion and I are complete opposites. Shes homeschooled, tall, skinny, very sweet, and quiet. But she is a doll and we get a long well. We work well together too which is really the most important thing.


My teacher I actually kind of knew from BYU. We have a lot of mutual friends and are pretty sure we have met before. He is the greatest. He is SO spiritual and has a lot of good stories. He really knows how to make class fun but then bring the spirit back into the room too.


Our third? day here we had to teach an investagator, Andrea…in Spanish. Ya that was loco. We literally just wrote things down and read off a notebook. She wasnt “real” per say but still crazy. It got better each time we talked though and the Spanish is coming SLOWLY but surely.


I am in West Campus which is in Wyview and Raintree. Which is kinda wierd cuz I hung out there Freshman year. Also, Ive seen a TON of people from BYU. While I am on this subject. Shout out to Natalie and Colton and Jaclyn and Jeff on their engagements!! Congrats! But i am mad no one told me! -_-


Anyway I LOVE the West campus. It is smaller and everyone speaks spanish and you know mostly everyone there. Its nice. And we dont live in dorms so thats also nice. Its been rainy here which kind of sucks so good call on the umbrella Mom. Thanks.


Lets see Lets see. My zone is awesome. We have a lot of good elders in it. But they all leave Monday:( Im so sad. We had some elders leave this Monday too that we got close to in only 4 days, so I can only imagine how its going to be when we leave each other.


The girls here are honestly becoming my BEST friends. Its only been a week and I have forgotten my past life haha. Wait, I listened to Pop music? What are jeans? Its been great though. I have felt the spirit SO much in this last week than in my whole life I’m pretty sure.


Oh Mom. I have an errand for you. get my study abroad proffessor Stacey Taniguchi’s email. You probably have it in your past emails from the study abroad. I met a girl from New Zealand who knew one of the guys I met there! He was going all big in music and now is gonig on a mission so I want to tell him and the group that! yay for missions! THey will be excited to hear.


So yeah, we are learning gospel stuff first and then spanish stuff second. So it can get pretty frustrating. But everyone says learn the gospel first and the spanish will come. I actually havent shed any tears of sadness yet. Only from the spririt. My testimony has truly grown SO much and I didnt think it could this past week. I have also had my doubts too but that will happen too. Just gotta get through it! Si Se Puede!


Uhm.. Lets see. The food is kinda cray, I havent gotten “sick” but my tummy has felt silly a few times. I try to just stick to salads. Gotta lose that weight before the carbs of Mexico!


Sundays are cool cuz they are chill and we get to watch music and the spoken word BEFORE Relief Society and we have church and then a Devo at night. In between we kinda just chill. I saw Alac Wallace and yelled, ” Alac!” and he said ” You mean ELDER Wallace…” ooops! I forget sometimes. haha. Mom, You can tell that to the Wallaces and the ward.


I went to the consolete to get my visa stuff and i only went to Salt Lake. Bummer I know. I didnt get to go on an adventure like Alac did. But it was kinda crazy really trying to catch all the trains and missing the trains and what not. But it was nice to meet the other girls that are going to Cuernavaca. Its weird because one of them is seriously a doppleganger of Suzanne and she said that I am a twin of HER best friend. Its weird so obvi we are besties now haha. Shes not in my district though so I dont see her very much.


My comp got a concussion from volleyball at gym time. yeah, makes me wonder how many I have gotten in my life without getting them checked out. Explains a lot I supposed. So I have been kinda on my own the past couple of days. I had to basically teach Andrea by myself. It went pretty well i Think though. It was broken spanish but I think she got the point. And she said she would come to church with us so thats good! haha.


Lets see Lets see…..I havent gotten too down on myself yet and that is either a good thing or a bad thing haha. I just have faith in the Lord and know he will bless me. I know the Spirit wont just GIVE you words you dont know in Spanish and teach this miraculous lesson, but I know that he will help you REMEMBER what you have read and studied and share that with others. One thing that I know that I am good at, and I’ve already been told this many times at the MTC is being a good friend and being happy and cute and bubbly. I just figure, I might as well stay positive and be friendly and the Mexicans will love me enough to deal with my broken Spanish haha. Nah, it will come.


Brother Chatterly ( our teacher) gave a great lesson last night. Alot of the girls were getting down about the language and he said we arent here for ourselves. We are here for the people of Mexico. He went to Paraguay on his mission and taught a family for 6 months and they never got baptized. They knew it was true but wouldnt commit. When he was going home, they came to the airport to tell him goodbye and they stay in contact with him still to this day. one year and a half later. Now they are sealed in the temple. If it werent for his love and friendship, they wouldnt be there today. We all are meant to be in the places that we are going. We will meet people who need to meet us, and meet people who we need to meet. And we need to learn spanish to communicate!


Well as you can imagine. 8 girls in a district equals talking about boys. It doesnt help we are ALL boy crazy. Needless to say we all have crinkles and code names for them and everytime we see them we chant their name hahaa por ejemplo, “Stripes Stripes Stripes, Green and Purple Green and Purple..” and so on. Its probably not the best missionary mindset but eh, oh well. I have found my husband though. Well I hope. Purple and Green. A girl in my district knows his comp so she’s gonna get his contact info for me haha. Yolo.


Last night was PDay Eve and we had some girl talk. It was a nice break and to see everyone in their real, relaxed, chill selves. I seriously LOVE these girls. A few go to BYU and I know we will be great friends.


We worked out this morning which felt GLORIOUS! because out gym is at 12:30 so its in the middle of the day and we dont wanna get all sweaty. So we just play vball.


Shout out to the Math Department for sending me Einstein Bagels! I will send them a letter soon. Love you all.


What else what else. There is so much! Well I guess this will be the end unless I have more I think of. Its been a great ride so far. I know I will have my day where i just break down but so far the adjustment hasnt been bad becuase I know its where Im supposed to be. With my interview with my branch president he said, ” You’re spunky and outgoing, thats a good thing. I can tell you will be a great missionary” Well thanks. I know that this is where Im supposed to be. Its weird being in Provo and not being with my friends or being able to go to their weddings or dance parties or anything, But I know this is a worthwhile sacrifice. I can sacrifice that stuff for only 18 months if Christ sacrificed his life for me.


The church is true! Always remember that heavenly father loves you and hears your prayers! The Atonement is REAL and I feel its truth everyday in my life. Love you all!


Yo se que la evangelio de JesuCristo es verdad. Y Yo So se que Padre Celestial es amoroso. Y Yo se que Thomas Monson es un profeta verdad. Yo se que el libro de Mormon es verdad. Este testimonio ayuda a sentir consuelo y saber vida es eternal. En el nombre de JesusCristo, Amen.


That was probably super broken but what I have learned thus far.




Te Amo!


-Hermana Corriveau

Cassie and a girl from her ward at the Village at BYU

Cassie and a girl from her ward at the Village at BYU

Cassie and her First Companion
Cassie and her First Companion





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